Joe Beaver Bits By Classic Equine

Classic Equine

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7-1/2" Shank Low Port: Allows the horse to push into the roper's hands. Length of the shank helps to maximize the function of the jerk line. Its port style is shaped to be forgiving to a sensitive horse. Doesn't lock on and hold a horse's mouth, so it is a good bit for kids or novice rider. 

7-1/2" Shank High Port: Offers more control on a horse that drops in the front and helps the roper keep his horse's weight shifted to the hind end. Offers more control on horses with a hard mouth. Increased "get back" action on horses that don't want to get back or yield to the jerk line on their own. 

8" Shank High Port: For the seasoned, veteran calf horse. Provides more control in the box and in the corner. 8" shanks provide maximum jerk line action. Works well for ropers with light hands or helps compensate for size and strength of the roper.