Ricky Green Bits

Classic Equine

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The Ricky Green bit collection was designed for team ropers to train, practice and compete. It features a 7" loose-cheek shank and an assortment of mouthpieces for collection and lateral flexion, giving ropers the control and balance needed for proper horse position and consistent loop delivery.

Ricky recommended using a firm leather curb strap or flat chain with these bits to allow the horse to feel and work off the bit rather than react to the feel and pressure of a biting curb strap. 

Long Shank Snaffle: Contoured shape makes the mouthpiece comfortable, and the 3" purchase provides leverage to lift the horse's head and shoulder, keeping the hindquarters collected. 

Chain: Pinchless mouthpiece shaped to lay flat across the mouth and tongue, attaches to the shank and softly cues when pressure is applied. Allows for collection, breaking at the poll and lifting the shoulder in preparation to stop. 

Sharp Setter: Encourages rate quickly under speed. Port reaches the top of the mouth and signals flexion at the poll, bringing the horse into your hand. Preferred on aggressive horses to maintain control. 

Setter with Roller: Unique mouthpiece rolls back when engaged, slowing contract and allowing time for collection and response to pressure. Develops the horse's proper headset and teaches him to carry the bit correctly. Under speed, helps rate smoothly and build consistency.