Ring Gag

Classic Equine

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Ring gag with an inlaid copper twisted wire snaffle mouthpiece. The gag action encourages the horse to rescind before the bit is completely engaged. Gags are commonly used in training and competing in all western events. 

5-1/2": This gag action bit helps elevate the horse's shoulders. 

6-1/2": Good bit for reinforcing collection and shoulder elevation. Longer shanks give it more leverage for increased control. 

6" Cheek: The 6" cheek has a 2-1/2" purchase and 3-1/2" shank. This ratio (difference in the length of the purchase and shank) and the swept back shank design make this a mild cheek. Contact with the horse's mouth comes slowly as soft pressure to all points of contact. The main point of contact is the corners of the mouth, familiar from the O Ring. This bit may also be used with a training fork or martingale to encourage collection and poll control. this mouthpiece is inlaid with copper to stimulate salivation. It is 5-1/8" wide, 3/8" in diameter, and curved for soft evenly distributed pressure to the bars, tongue, and corners of the mouth. 

Snaffle: Softest of all shank bit styles. Transition bit for colts moving up from the O Ring. Soft pressure is applied through the curb. 

Short Correction: A slight step up from the snaffle. Applies pressure to the chin, bars and corners of the mouth. Gives added pressure to the tongue for more feel.