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Classic Equine

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Statin-finished tempered steel shanks and pinchless sweet iron mouthpieces. Calculated shanks and the pre-signal gag design keeps horses responsive. 

7-3/4" Shank Ported: The Tool that creates smooth lateral neck and hip control without creating fear in intermediate and advance horses. Limited gag slide action with higher leverage encourages rate, respect, and collection. 

  • Shank Level 2 
  • Mouthpiece Level 2: Loose port snaffle, designed for pressure points on the outer mouth bar areas.
  • Gag Length: 1-1/2" 

6-1/2" Shank Snaffle: Lower leverage helps to make your horse more user friendly. Specifically designed for soft-mouthed horses that need front end elevation. Great tool for collection education and maintenance. 

  • Shank Level 2 
  • Mouthpiece Level 1: Snaffle 
  • Gag Length: Unlimited 

7-1/2" Shank Dogbone Snaffle: This bit gives you respect without fear with the unlimited gag slide action with medium-high lift leverage. Allows speed control, rate and lateral body control. 

  • Shank Level 3
  • Mouthpiece Level 3: 1/4" Square with copper roller covered dogbone 
  • Gag Length: Unlimited 

8-1/2" Shank Ported: The unlimited gag slide action with higher lift leverage encourages hindquarter engagement and weight distribution, with hip and shoulder control while competing to win at a high level on a broke horse. 

  • Shank Level 4: 8-3/4"
  • Mouthpiece Level 4: 1/4" square bars with loose open port centre 
  • Gag Length: Unlimited